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Back in June, when ICANN announced the official compliance date for the Transfer Policy (formerly the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy), we posted an article describing the new process that would take place whenever certain domain registrant information is changed. We also promised to update all of our customers, partners, and resellers once we knew our exact approach to complying with the policy. We’ve since worked out a timetable and would like to share the changes with you now.

First, a brief recap of the policy itself. It concerns all gTLD (non-country code) domains and comes into effect whenever a material change is made to the registrant’s name, organization, or email address—which could occur while transferring ownership of a domain, or simply updating contact information. It will affect Enom retail customers, as well as our resellers and their customers. All accredited domain registrars, such as Enom, must be in compliance with the Transfer Policy by December 1st, 2016.

Our implementation makes a few updates that we believe will satisfy the policy while minimizing the impact on our customers. In our approach, Enom will act as a “designated agent” on behalf of the relevant domain registrants. This means that whenever a Change of Registrant process is triggered as outlined in the Transfer Policy, Enom will auto-approve the changes, then email the party or parties with a notice of the change. The affected domain will then be placed in a 60-day transfer lock (unless the previous registrant has opted out of the waiting period).

To prepare our resellers for the implementation of the policy, we have updated our API documentation and will soon make the relevant commands available in the Reseller Test environment. We will conduct our own tests and finalize our implementation through November in order to be ready to go live on December 1st. Note that we have also updated our Registration Agreement, Reseller Agreement, and ID Protect Agreement to reflect Enom’s implementation of the policy.

We’ve developed a landing page for the new Transfer Policy where you can find additional information and FAQs regarding the coming changes.