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Why you should consider .SHOP

The .SHOP domain extension sells itself. There are currently 670,000+ .SHOP registrations worldwide, and more than 51,000 active online shops hosted on this top-level-domain (TLD). Recently, .SHOP saw a surge in registrations, as existing businesses moved online, and people started new ventures in a shifting COVID-19 economy. Here, we’ll take a look at how people […]

Introducing Enom’s new status page

As you’ve seen in our recent blog posts and emails, one of Enom’s goals in 2016 is to increase the useful and timely information we share with you. You may be aware that as part of these plans, we created a new Twitter account, @enomsupport, which is one of our fastest ways to share. A […]

Exploring our new Support Ticketing System

As we’ve mentioned many times since June, 2016 is the year of the Enom Evolution. We’ve promised a renewed focus on user- and developer-centric features to make the Enom experience as seamless as possible. To this end, we’ve redesigned, opened a new hub for developers, and today, we’re happy to announce the launch of […]

Three easy steps to get your NGO noticed

Are you an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)? If so, you understand the struggles of running an NGO. The most common issues NGOs face are miscommunication, social acceptance, and funding. So how do you combat those issues? We have three easy steps to get your NGO noticed while alleviating problem areas. 1. Register a .NGO domain name […]