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Selling domains is simple

Enom is 100% focused on supporting our reseller partners. We provide you everything you need to sell domains, and we stay invisible to your customers.

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Here’s why industry leaders choose Enom’s reseller program

500+ domain extensions, including















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Competitive pricing

Save money, without settling on quality of service. We support your long-term success by offering fair pricing and leveraging our size to get you great promotions.

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Integrate your way


Automate everything with a seamless connection between your storefront and our systems.

Third-party billing platforms

Set up your reseller business with a turnkey solution like WHMCS, Plesk, Clientexec, or CPanel.

Enom Control Panel

Easily manage your portfolio with bulk commands and intuitive workflows.

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Set your prices, manage your business

Determine your margins for all TLDs you offer, including high-value premium domains.

Award-winning 24/7 Support

Enom’s Support team is a group of Canadian technical experts. We also hate phone trees. Sounds good, eh?

Ethical and compliant data practices

We help you build customer trust by providing transparency, control, and GDPR-protections to all end-userss

What our reseller partners say

There’s a reason leading website builders and hosting companies choose Enom.

Attract customers with premium domains

Short, catchy, and high-priced, premium domain names help you retain high-value customers who want to build their brand, SEO, and marketability.

Why website owners buy premium domains

Having a memorable, keyword-rich domain name can do wonders for a business.

  • Boost SEO by including the primary keyword phrase in the domain name
  • Increase advertising effectiveness with an easy-to-remember URL
  • Strengthen consumer trust with an authoritative URL, like

Why you should sell premium domains

A customer who invests a lot in their domain name often invests a lot in their business. Selling premium domains can translate into

  • Big profits—you set your own margins on registry premium domains
  • Long term gains from higher renewal rates
  • Lasting customer relationships with opportunities to upsell

How premium domains work

Brand loyalty is real, and your customers may have a preference. Plus, by working with all major vendors, we provide you with more choice at different price points.

Registry premium domains

Having a memorable, keyword-rich domain name can do wonders for a business.

TLD registries designate high-value domains as “premium” and sell them for more than the standard price. Registry premium domains

  • Are not currently registered by anyone
  • Range from $30 to thousands
  • May have a premium transfer or renewal price registration price

The win: you set your margin to determine the final price.

Aftermarket premium domains

People register domains and sell them at a profit on what’s known as the “aftermarket.” Aftermarket premium domains

  • Are already registered by someone who wants (or may be willing!) to sell
  • Have a purchase price set by the current registrant
  • Renew and transfer at the standard price for the TLD

The win: be the hero who helped your customer purchase their perfect domain from its current owner.

Whois Domain Privacy

In addition to our industry-leading data processing practices, we offer your customers a heightened level of protection with domain privacy.

Provides the highest level of data protection.

Costs just $4.95/year per domain.

Still undecided?

Let’s get your questions answered! This is a big decision, after all. Check out our Domains FAQ for new resellers (below) or book some time with our sales team.

Domains FAQ

Yes! We take care of notifications for you and send renewal reminders on your behalf to the registrant. You can opt to display your company’s link in the renewal emails, so your customers know where to go to make a payment.

There are a couple of ways to register and renew domain names. You can manually register and renew domains from within your Enom account or automate this process through the API.

You can set individual domains to auto-renewal, which will renew the domain and process payment 30 days prior to the expiry date, deducting the cost from your account balance. You can set all new registrations to auto-renew by default. This can be done in your Enom control panel or through the API.

Auto-renewal avoids instances where the end-user forgets to renew their domain and experiences downtime as a result. In most cases, once the domain expires, there is a grace period, during which the registrant can opt to renew the domain at no extra charge. However, this varies depending on the rules established by the specific registry for each domain extension (TLD), and whether or not the domain name is picked up by an aftermarket service.

Enom uses a tiered pricing model that provides flexibility and supports your long-term success by rewarding your growth. There are 4 reseller plans: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum+. The more domains you sell and revenue you generate, the greater the discount you will receive. At the end of each calendar year, we’ll take a look at your growth, and automatically place you in the appropriate pricing tier based on performance.

Whether you manage domains in your Enom control panel directly or through the API, you can set your own prices and charge your customers accordingly. For sub-accounts, you can price domain registrations using the Pricing Editor. Your sub-accounts will pay Enom directly with a credit card and you earn a commission.

We recommend starting with the most popular generic top-level domains (gTLDs), like .COM, as you build your reseller business. Another great way to get started is by offering gTLDs that are meaningful to your users or target niche, and have no restrictions (for example: .tv could be great if you work with a lot of media clients).

Geographical top-level domains, or geoTLDs, are also a popular choice. Just be aware that some are available only for domain registrants in a specific region. For example: .UK is a country code top-level domain, or ccTLD, that requires the registrant to be based in the UK. However, a geoTLD like .LONDON could be another great option, and has no additional requirements. These domains can be registered by anyone!

We encourage resellers to be mindful when offering ccTLDs as some have specific requirements that can add a few steps to the registration process. You can find more information on specific ccTLDs in our knowledge base at

You can sign up to be a reseller here:

Once you have submitted your application, it will be verified by our Accounts Team. They will notify you once the account is approved and you can get to work selling domains, email, and SSL certificates!

When you submit an order with Enom, the funds get deducted from your account balance. We have flexible payment options to refill your account balance, including credit card, PayPal or ACH/Wire Transfer. You can find more information on refill payment options here:

You can choose to integrate with Enom in whichever way best suits your business needs:

  • Use our API to establish a direct connection between your end-user storefront or control panel and our systems
  • Use a third-party storefront or billing and hosting service like WHMCS, Plesk, CPanel, or Clientexec in conjunction with our API
  • Use your Enom control panel to register and manage your customers’ domains and services

You also have the option to set up sub-accounts under your reseller account, which is great if your customers prefer to be hands-on and want a high level of control. Any sales from their sub-accounts will earn you commission, which you can add to your account balance or request as a cheque payout.