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Make money selling email

Without the costs or headache of running your own service

Enom’s email service was built for resellers like you.

  • add value to your lineup
  • increase customer stickiness
  • tap into underserved niches within a competitive market

without any upfront costs.

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Why email resellers choose Enom

Offer a refreshingly low-cost email service

Attract customers who want business-grade email but don’t need the bells, whistles and high price tag of solutions like Gsuite.

  • 10GB for $6/yr per mailbox
  • 25GB for $12/yr per mailbox
  • 50GB for $21/yr per mailbox


  • FREE email forwarding on any Enom domain (no mailbox necessary!)
  • Significant high-volume discounts

In short, we leave you room to make a sizable margin while still undercutting your competitors.

Customize to effectively target your market

You know your customers. We empower you to curate your pricing and packages to meet their unique needs.

  • Mailbox sizes of 10, 25, and 50GB
  • Offer free email forwarding on any Enom domain (a great bonus for price-conscious entrepreneurs)

Let us help you develop a go-to-market email strategy that compliments your existing product lineup.

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A modern Webmail your users will love

Our feature-rich webmail makes email on the go a breeze.

  • Responsive design and intuitive workflows
  • Multi-lingual support and rich & plain text composition
  • File sharing and contacts & calendar with mobile sync (including ical)
  • Spellcheck, signatures, auto-replies, and all the other must-haves

Plus, we have your support team covered with white-label end-user guides.

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Simple administration and a powerful API


Automatically provision, suspend, and restore mailboxes with a direct connection between your site and our systems.

Learn about our API

Enom Control Panel

Set your pricing and manage customer mailboxes through our intuitive interface.

Learn about our control panel

Provide a secure and reliable email service

We know your reputation depends on our platform. We’ve got you (and your customers) covered with

  • Advanced blacklist and greylist mitigation
  • A 24/7 in-house abuse team
  • Robust, multi-language spam filtering protects against phishing and viruses

We’re here when you need us

Our 24/7 support team is proudly Canadian, and equipped to help you tackle any issue that pops up.

See what Enom can do for you

Choosing the right provider is important. With 20+ years of industry leadership, we’ll be able to answer your questions and provide insight into how we can help you grow your business.

Check out our New Reseller FAQ or book some time with our sales team.

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Email FAQ

Absolutely! Enom’s email service can be accessed by POP or IMAP settings through most popular apps like Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, and Thunderbird.  Setting it up is super simple, you can find the mail client settings here.

Yes, Enom’s email service is continually updated to provide the latest virus and spam protection.  It is a secure and sophisticated service that protects your reputation and your customers’. The spam settings are static, but there are advanced filters you can add like allow/block senders lists.

Our email service is a great option to offer to any business or entrepreneur that wants a professional email address that’s clearly affiliated with their domain or website. It’s fully featured, but incredibly budget-friendly, coming in at a lower cost than many other email providers. As a result, it appeals to price-conscious freelancers and SMBs, as well as enterprise clients that require a built-for-business solution.

To set email forwarding up, your domain must be hosted at Enom and be using our DNS/nameservers. This service comes at no additional cost.  It’s important to remind customers that when they receive an email via email forwarding, their response email cannot be white-labeled; it will come directly from the destination address. For this reason, email forwarding is often best suited for personal use and informal communication.  Here is how you set up Email Forwarding on a domain in your account.

Yes, individual users can increase their mailbox size as needed, up to 50 GB.  This can be managed in your Enom account under “Email & Apps.”

Yes! In fact, we’re built for resellers. You can offer an email service that allows your customers to have professional email based on their domain name.  You also have the ability to use the API to provision mailboxes and manage your email service.