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Quick and reliable DNS hosting

Keep customers happy and their websites up and running

Top-notch DNS hosting is key to ensuring that a website opens quickly, is accessible 24/7, and remains secure. Our DNS hosting

  • Helps avoid lost sales or opportunities due to down time
  • Is included for FREE with all domains registered through Enom
  • Costs just $4/year for domains registered elsewhere

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Enom’s DNS hosting has you covered

Easy and complete DNS management

Manage A, CName, MX and TXT/SPF records, at no extra cost

Make updates with just a few clicks

Leverage our API to empower your customers with full management controls

Secure and reliable performance

Maintain customer trust by avoiding downtime and ensuring fast response times

DNSSEC provides extra security for your DNS root zone to avoid domain hijacking

24/7 protection and support

‘Round-the-clock access to our award-winning support team

Constant monitoring by our security team

A dedicated DNS team ensures continual improvements

Questions about DNS Hosting or becoming a reseller?

Book some time with our sales team! Or, if you just want to chat with a friendly human you can field some technical questions, contact support.