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Start selling .Shop domain names

.SHOP is an intuitive fit for anyone looking to grow an online business. The word “shop” is understood around the world, meaning this TLD will resonate with website owners and consumers everywhere.

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Why website owners choose .SHOP

  • Helps brands stand out in a cluttered ecommerce space
  • Include the SEO keyword (shop) right in the URL
  • Playful, novel, and memorable
  • Short and easy to pronounce — key for word-of-mouth referrals
  • Great for global companies who market to English and non-English speakers

Why you should offer .SHOP domain names

  • Competitively priced against .COM
  • Easy to market because its purpose is clear
  • Huge room for growth as more businesses move online

.SHOP domain names in action

Website builder

Cold-pressed juices

Local-eats bakery

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