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The nTLD reseller starter guide: which new gTLDs should I offer?

If you currently sell or are considering selling domain names as part of a business, you may have asked this question to yourself before. The huge variety of gTLDs out there can turn the task of curating a lineup that makes sense for your business into a rather daunting undertaking. Instead of getting bogged down […]

It’s All Fun and .GAMES

We love launching new domain extensions at Enom, from .DENTIST to .SOCIAL and everything in between. Every new domain extension represents an innovative way for people, companies, and brands to put themselves online, but not many embody pure, unbridled fun the way the new .GAMES extension does. Fortunately, .GAMES goes into General Availability on Wednesday, […]

Platinum domains: how to make an offer on high-value names

As a domain registrar, we’re often asked what makes for a “good” domain name. In general, the best domains are short, memorable, and provide some value in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A small subset of all possible domain names fit that bill—called Premium domains—and are priced higher as a result. An even smaller subset of […]

Get personal with a .ME domain

There are many places on the internet that claim to be the all-encompassing “you,” but we know this isn’t always true. Yes, you can have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and dozens of other platforms. These are all places where you can show part of yourself, but none of them might feel like […]

15 essential sources of new generic TLD information

We talk a lot about the benefits of new generic TLDs on this blog—their value as branding tools, their availability versus legacy domain extensions, their ability to stick in people’s minds—but no matter how much information we could publish, we’re really just scratching the surface of what the wider gTLD community and domain industry are […]