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There are many places on the internet that claim to be the all-encompassing “you,” but we know this isn’t always true. Yes, you can have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and dozens of other platforms. These are all places where you can show part of yourself, but none of them might feel like home base to you. Defining your home base can be much simpler with a .ME domain.

Register your name, blog, or business name and you’ll instantly have your own piece of the internet with your choice of branding. The .ME domain easily shows everything you want people to know about you. You can use it to speak for you and tell your real story.

Registering your own name with .ME is the obvious choice, and often the most useful. Take as an example. This domain goes to the personal website of the Italian director and cinematographer Matteo Bertoli. He can easily share this domain name on his resume, on his business cards, as external links in his social media profiles, and share verbally. Using your own name is memorable, near impossible to forget, and always professional.

Speaking of professional, you need not be an Italian film director to take advantage of a personally branded domain name. Do you offer professional services as a sole proprietor, either as a part- or full-time job? YourName.Me is a great way to brand those services and make it easy for your clients and customers to refer you to their friends.

Using a .ME domain to speak for you is just as easy as using your own name. As ambitious individuals, we all have hobbies and goals that could easily transfer into a .ME domain name. Take, for example. This blog is dedicated to travelling and food experiences. It’s a simple, yet truly effective example of how you can use a .ME domain to speak for you.

When you meet someone in person, you have a limited opportunity to tell them the real story of who you are and what you do. These first impressions last, which is why getting your online impression right the first time starts with your domain name. Keep it simple, showcase your hobbies, your work experience, or your real story with the .ME domain extension.