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When we unveiled our 2016 roadmap, we committed ourselves to vastly improving the developer experience. With 80% of our domains under management coming through the API, we understand that anything we can do to streamline the platform will have a big impact down the line. Moreover, we want to make sure that the improvements make sense both for current customers and for developers that are new to Enom. The Developer Hub we announced last month (which is now live) was the first step, but we know delivering tangible improvements to the platform is the real objective. This is why we’re incredibly happy to announce the introduction of API tokens to Enom beginning June 1, 2016.

Separating passwords and tokens

API tokens are a big step forward in bringing the Enom development environment in line with modern expectations. The tokens insulate your credentials from your API credentials which yield several benefits to our developers. From a security standpoint, this is the preferred state of affairs, because it allows multiple users to work with the API without needing to share out the password for the entire account. No matter how large or small your team is, you can issue an individual token to each developer, or revoke the token if they no longer require it.

Additionally, by separating the two sets of credentials, you can rest assured that any API connections you develop on the platform will remain up and running, even if you change your password at Simply replace any instance of your password with the token and the API calls will work as usual. As we continue rolling out new features, API tokens will ensure that each change to the platform leads to minimal disruption on your end.

Managing your API tokens

Considering how much API tokens can improve the overall development experience, they’re actually incredibly easy to implement and manage. All you have to do is log in to your Enom account, then head over to to generate or revoke an API token. By streamlining the process as much as possible, teams can scale and get up and running on the platform in no time.

Both new and returning users will find a helpful guide to the API commands for creating, deleting, and updating tokens at the new Developer Hub.

Customers have asked us for a platform that is more in line with their workflows, and API tokens deliver a flexibility and convenience to do just that. At the same time, we believe we’re offering a solution that improves the security of your operation while maintaining the stability you’ve come to expect. Perhaps what’s most exciting about API tokens is that this is just the first of the new improvements we’ll be making to developer experience this year. We’re investing in this platform for the long term and can’t wait to show you what’s next. Keep watching the blog for more.