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Tucows makes it a priority to set the bar for Customer Support in our industry.  We hold ourselves to a high standard, and we know that lately, Enom has fallen short of it. We want to acknowledge the frustration this has caused our customers over the last few months. We’ve failed to meet your expectations, and for that, everyone here is deeply regretful. As we work toward a place where we can once again meet those expectations, we’re also developing a comprehensive strategy that will allow us to consistently exceed them going forward. Not long ago, we made sweeping technological improvements to our Ticketing System. Since January, we’ve grown and restructured our support team.

We’re continually working to:

  • Hire more advisors – many of whom have already hit the floor – to decrease wait times.
  • Expand the array of tools available to our advisors, enabling them to assist you directly with issues that would previously have required escalation.
  • Invest in advanced Customer Service training for existing advisors.
  • Cross-train the wealth of Customer Support experts across all Tucows brands, enabling them to help attack the existing Enom backlog.
  • Cross-train our most senior advisors to quickly complete tasks that previously required 24-48 hours minimum, including ccTLD trades and contact updates.
  • Revisit policies and processes that currently make for a cumbersome customer experience, including those around domain renewals, account access, and refunds.

We’re not just strengthening our front lines with additional advisors and more comprehensive training. Over the last four months, we’ve taken an in-depth look at the issues our customers contact us about most often and have made steps to remove the obstacles to self-service.

So far, we have:

  • Further automated the process of adding IPs to Reseller accounts for API access.  In doing so, we saw a significant 90% drop in related new requests.
  • Updated our domain management and IPS Tag change systems to enable customers to transfer domains without the involvement of Support.
  • Worked with clients who generate high request volumes to improve tools and processes on both sides of the support chain. By eliminating similar requests, we’re able to address to everyone’s concerns faster.

While there’s considerable road ahead, we’re confident that these changes will help us to consistently maintain the standard of Customer Support you expect. As we reduce the impact of today’s common customer issues, we’ll routinely examine our top support requests to ensure we’re always focused on what affects you most. Alongside this, we’ll continue to expand our documentation and training programs, as well as investigate new ways to tailor our support to reseller and end-user needs. You deserve better than the support we’ve been providing. We’re going to do better, and we appreciate your patience as we work to ensure it happens very soon.