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Why are ccTLDs so complicated?

This industry is complicated. Recently, we shed some light on how the domain channel operates, and the unique roles that ICANN, registrars, registries, resellers, and registrants play within this interconnected system. In the world of generic top-level domains, like .COM and .ORG, the channel structure is at least clearly defined, although registration policies and requirements […]

Registry, registrar and registrant – what’s the difference?

The domain industry is technical, complex, and sometimes unforgiving. Part of what makes it unique is the multilevel channel involved in creating a domain from scratch to making it viewable on your browser. Unfortunately, the creation and distribution of domains are far from straightforward. They involve multiple parties, doing different things, in different ways, with […]

Once Upon a Time, on the World Wide Web

Did you know that back in 1994, a reporter for Wired managed to purchase Gizmodo’s Matt Novak recounts Five Domain Name Battles of the Early Web.

Experience the power of two-character domains starting September 14

In our recent post about Platinum domains, we mentioned that short and memorable domains are often considered the most valuable. Two-character domain names—that is, domains with just two letters and/or numbers to the left of the dot—certainly fit in the “short” category, and this quality often makes them much easier to remember, too. Until this […]

Platinum domains: how to make an offer on high-value names

As a domain registrar, we’re often asked what makes for a “good” domain name. In general, the best domains are short, memorable, and provide some value in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A small subset of all possible domain names fit that bill—called Premium domains—and are priced higher as a result. An even smaller subset of […]