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On April 13th, 2017, we will be performing changes to our infrastructure that will affect your hosting account. We have recently sent an email, outlining your account details as well as new IP addresses for your use. If you have not received the email, please contact to retrieve the details.

What you need to know

A series of IP addresses for the server which your hosting account is associated with will be changing that will require you to update your DNS. If you are using a third-party DNS to point to your website, you will need to configure the zone records for the domains hosted on that server. If your domains are with us and are using our DNS, there’s no action required on your part. We will take care of the changes for you. There will be no downtime during this period, and we strongly encourage you to make the changes before April 13th, 2017 to avoid any service interruptions.

Please note: If you require support on configuring your DNS, please refer to your third-party DNS provider.