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Are you an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)? If so, you understand the struggles of running an NGO. The most common issues NGOs face are miscommunication, social acceptance, and funding. So how do you combat those issues? We have three easy steps to get your NGO noticed while alleviating problem areas.

1. Register a .NGO domain name for your organization.

If you are a US-based NGO, you meet the criteria to register a .NGO domain name. A .NGO domain name shows that your organization is legitimate and trustworthy.

When you apply for a .NGO domain name, you’re required to validate your organization’s status. Once accepted through the PI Registry, the domain is yours.

When you register a .NGO domain you get an OnGood profile page. OnGood gives nonprofits a professional web presence through their profile page and a way to receive donations through a donation widget. Your profile will be displayed on a multi-lingual website, opening up the possibilities for exposure through many groups of people.

This is especially great for small NGOs. OnGood is arguably the most efficient way to get a domain, a strong web presence, and a simple donation tool in a single place.

2. Define what your NGO is all about in an online profile.

Whether you’re already established through a website, through press, and through the community, you’re opting to join a larger, far-reaching network of other validated NGOs. Simply add the details of your organization. These specifics could include your organization’s focus, whether you provide analysis, expertise, or serve as early warning mechanisms, or help monitor and implement international agreements.

3. Sign up for an incredible contest through PI Registry.

Terms and Conditions

Any US-based NGO that registers a .NGO domain name between March 14 and April 22 is eligible for the #CashForGood contest. Just register a .NGO domain and complete an OnGood profile page, and you’re in the running for a $10,000 grand prize (as well as 50 $500 runner-up prizes).

Following these easy steps will give your NGO a huge boost to get your organization’s mission out in front of a large network. Take those common issues that your organization may be struggling with and turn it into a teaching moment. Show that your non-profit is validated using a .NGO domain name (If you want to move your website or simply forward the URL it’s extremely simple!) Offer a neutral place to communicate your message clearly, allow room for social acceptance into your workspace, and use the effortless donation widget to find money from many places around the world. PLUS, a chance to win $10,000 is just the cherry on top!