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Have you been to today? You might have noticed a few changes from the site you’ve gotten used to for all these years. Yes, you’re looking at a new logo, a new homepage, and brand new features that make registering domains easier than ever. It’s all a big step in our strategy to modernize the way we do business and take us into a new era. Enom is evolving, and this is just the start.

It was six months ago that we were recapping a successful 2015, a year of growth and technical improvements for the Enom platform capped off by a big upgrade to our DNS. What we were most excited about, though, was combining our experienced staff with an influx of personnel that would help us chart the company’s future. This new mix of personnel has driven us to build an experience that is both user- and developer-centric, and the changes that went live today are a great representation of our shared vision.


search_pageSome portions of the former website hadn’t been touched in many years. There’s always the temptation to develop something new for the sake of being new, but with over 3.8 million unique users a year, the first priority has always been ensuring a trusted, stable retail experience. Fortunately, the investments we’ve been making in personnel and technology have given us the opportunity to innovate while continuing to play to our strengths. The launch of the new is the biggest public demonstration of these investments to date.

The industry has changed a great deal since Enom was founded in 1997. Mobile devices, cloud & streaming services, and new domains have all made the internet more accessible for everyone. But those same technologies coming at us so fast have created a technical barrier for some. The new helps cut through the complexity, giving help (or opportunities for self-help) to a diverse set of users, from individuals, to small businesses, to resellers and domain investors.

The bedrock of the online experience is still tied to domain names, and we have new content designed to demystify the domain lifecycle and help customers choose the most memorable, effective names. Our revamped search and suggestion engine can provide customers hundreds of options in picking second- and top-level domains that fit them perfectly. To help inspire everyone to get online, we’re highlighting examples of real Enom customers using domains (and new TLDs) to build their businesses, brands, and online identities.

Working with widgets

developer_portal_cropOver the last few months, we’ve unveiled a couple of the improvements that we’ve made behind the scenes. These improvements were undertaken specifically to improve the developer experience, a huge component of what we do given that 80% of Enom’s domains under management come through our developer API. In addition to API tokens, the launch of our new Developer Hub has been a big step in modernizing the Enom platform for our longtime customers and partners, as well as introducing us to a new generation of developers.

The Developer Hub is already live and we’ve been getting some great feedback on this constantly evolving resource. And while the relaunch might not appear to be a feature for developers, it does actually have big implications for the reseller channel. All of our developer-facing improvements this year are geared toward making it easier to integrate with our services. One way to do that is by making Enom’s assets available to be leveraged in your own business. That’s why we’ve built a new layer in the UI, which we’re calling widgets.

Widgets are small, modular collections of UI and functionality (our domain search bar and search results page are two examples), that Enom API developers will be able to drop directly into their own sites to take advantage of the same features with less backend work. We’ll be releasing more information and tools to integrate widgets soon, for now, rest assured that the work we’re putting into has the dual purpose of making your life easier, too.

Constant improvement

There’s a reason we’ve referred to these changes as an evolution: This isn’t just a one-off event, but a constant process of improvement, one we’re carrying out through 2016 and beyond. In the coming months, we’ll be showcasing even more improvements to the website and developer portal, new value-added services and products, and much more.

For many, the new logo you see at the top of this post and throughout the new website is what will have jumped out at you first. We hope the new design will feel both familiar and modern to you. We want to maintain the connection to all the customers and partners that have helped build Enom into what it is today, while acknowledging that this industry continues to move ahead at an incredible speed. We are ready to meet the future and are thrilled that you’ve chosen to join us on the journey.

Our promise to you is that every improvement we roll out will be with you, the user, in mind. There’s much more to come this year, so be sure to keep watching the blog, and subscribe to our retail and reseller newsletters for the next big reveal.