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We’re strengthening our webmail password requirements to give our resellers and email users greater protection and peace of mind.

If you’re a webmail user, or a reseller who manages your email service through your Enom account, this change does not require you to take any action. A new “Contains check” requirement will simply be applied during all future password resets and account creations.

If you’re a reseller that manages your email service through our email API, you’ll need to make adjustments to your implementation prior to November 23rd, 2018, when this new requirement takes effect.

Steps for email API users

As of November 23rd, 2018, when you or your customers create or update mailbox passwords, we’ll only accept them if they meet our new “Contains check” requirement.

We have added a new error code to our email API to reflect this new requirement:

  • Password rejected – contains a username or other account info (48)

To ensure your own systems, tools, and end-user interfaces remain synced with Enom’s email platform, please update your email API integration, as you see fit before the new requirement takes effect on November 23rd, 2018.

If you do not complete this update, your system may not register the appropriate error message when a password reset or registration fails.

If you have any questions about this change, please don’t hesitate to contact us at