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Why choose an EV SSL certificate?

Identity theft and browser warnings are growing concerns among consumers. And while you may think enabling SSL on your website will allay these fears, failure to select the right TLS/SSL certificate can erode customer trust. To regain trust, site owners need an easy, reliable way to show customers that transactions are secure and that the […]

A guide to choosing the right SSL certificate

A parent preparing a toddler for her first beach vacation and a seasoned kayaker preparing for Zambia’s Ghostrider rapid will not reach for the same life jacket. In the world of digital security, the purposes and specs of the various products are also highly relevant to the consumer, although the differences between them may not […]

Google and Symantec resolve Chrome browser trust issues

Update: February 8, 2018 This blog post is a follow-up to the information we published a few months ago regarding the Google-Symantec conundrum. Symantec and Google have agreed on a plan that requires Symantec to migrate certificate validation to a third party. In exchange, Google would ensure that the Chrome browser  continues to trust Symantec […]

Symantec and Google avert SSL meltdown

Google shook up the SSL industry back in March of this year when they released a proposal addressing “a series of failures by Symantec Corporation to properly validate certificates.” The outlined restrictions would effectively withdraw the Chrome browser’s trust in all certificates issued by Symantec. They notably included the removal of the green browser address […]

Encryption here, there, everywhere

We often use this blog to reiterate the importance of web security, and hopefully it’s clear why: Buying a domain is a great first step, but we want to make sure our customers can use them, too. Whether it’s for business or personal use, a website needs to be protected from malicious actors all over […]