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We seem to only talk about account security in the aftermath of an attack or breach. It feels like the worst possible time to do so, as it’s reactive, and begs the question, “why weren’t these preventive efforts made earlier?”. Nothing bad has happened this time (we hope it will continue this way) but in the interest of being proactive, we’re here with a reminder of the features and best practices you can take advantage of to ensure your Enom account is as secure as it can be. Here are some ideas you can adopt today.

Adopt stronger password management techniques  

This is the obvious starting point for this conversation. It’s 2017, and we still see poor password management and hygiene. At a minimum, we recommend updating your password once every six months. The more often, the better. While frequent resets are important, the strength of the password you choose is crucial to maintaining a high level of security. Here are some tips:

  • The longer, the better
  • Mix uppercase and lowercase, numbers and special characters
  • Don’t make it predictable. Your pet’s name is not a secure password
  • Never use the same password for multiple accounts
  • Consider using password management software such as 1Password (paid) or LastPass (free)

If you don’t remember the last time you reset your password, take a moment to do so now.

Enable two-factor authentication for your account

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of protection against unauthorized access to your account. With two-factor authentication enabled, a secondary method of identity verification, in addition to your password, is required to access your account. This comes in the form of a one-time security code, generated by a trusted app on your smartphone.

It takes just a few minutes to download the app and enable the feature on your account.

Use API tokens in place of passwords in your API calls

By using API tokens instead of passwords, you can grant API access to multiple users, without sharing your account password. There are other benefits of implementing this practice. It allows you to:

  • instantly revoke an API Token if there’s ever an issue
  • update your account password frequently without the risk of breaking API connections that may be using outdated credentials

The best part? Setup is simple.

So there you have it, three simple steps you can take to immediately boost the security of your Enom account, in just a few minutes. One final quick tip: you can apply many of these best practices to your other online accounts, including banking and social media. It’s an important first step in protecting yourself, and your company online.