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What is Anti-Malware?

Anti-malware tools protect against malicious files developed by hackers and cybercriminals called malware. Malware includes viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, keyloggers, ransomware and adware; all of which can compromise the security of you and your customers' data.


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  • Security seal.
  • Vulnerability identification.
  • Malware detection
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Eliminate backdoors
  • Up to 25 pages protected
  • Automatic malware removal

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How It Works

An antivirus software scans files to identify and eliminate computer viruses and other malicious software (malware). Antivirus software typically uses two different techniques to accomplish this:

  • Examining files to look for known viruses by means of a virus dictionary Identifying suspicious behavior from any computer program which might indicate infection
  • Identifying suspicious behavior from any computer program which might indicate infection


Anti-Malware Tools FAQs

  • What happens after I purchase Symantec Safe Site?

    Once you’ve purchased Symantec Safe Site, you must complete the application process in the account management page and submit it for approval. If this domain uses ID Protect, it must be disabled until Symantec has verified the domain ownership.

    To configure Symantec Safe Site:

    • Open Security, click Symantec Safe Site, and then click Manage
    • Click Configure Now
    • Complete the form and then click Submit for Approval

    If you select Individual in the User Type menu, you will receive an email from Symantec with “Identity Authentication for Your Symantec Safe Site for Individuals” in the subject line. The email contains a link to an Equifax identity verification page. You must provide this information to complete the Symantec verification process. Symantec will first verify the information you provide including domain name ownership, contact information and malware scan. You’ll receive an email confirming the activation of your Trust Seal once validation is completed.

    It takes up to 5 business days for Symantec to verify identity and approve the Trust Seal. Once approved, you will embed a Symantec Safe Site script in your web code. The script will display on our website, on your Symantec Safe Site details page.

  • Symantec Safe Site - How do I get my Trust Seal for my website?
    1. Log in to your account
    2. In the “Manage Services” section, click “Symantec Safe Site”
    3. Click the domain name for which you’ve received the confirmation email
    4. Copy the script in the “Embed” text box and paste it into your web page code

    For more detailed instructions and more size options, go to

  • Symantec Safe Site - What happens if the site fails a malware scan?

    ​If Symantec detects malware during their daily scan, it deactivates the Trust Seal on the website and notifies the website owner by email that it has done so. The notification includes details about the type of malware and the infected pages, and provides a link to detailed information. This notification system allows the owner to take rapid corrective actions and submit a request for a scan to reactivate Symantec Safe Site.

  • GeoTrust Anti-Malware - What happens if malware is detected on my website?

    If malware is discovered, the GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Seal no longer displays. You receive an email alert warning you of the malware infection with instructions to sign in to the End User Portal. The End User Portal services tab shows a list of infected pages and the code causing the problem.

    You or your website administrator can find and delete all instances of the malware and request that your site be re-scanned within 24 hours. When the scan confirms that all instances of malware are removed, the seal displays again.

  • What is SiteLock, and how do I use it?

    To discuss the benefits of SiteLock for your website, you can reach a Domain Consultant at 425-974-4689

    SiteLock provides security scanning of a website. By purchasing the SiteLock service, a buyer can configure the service with their website that they wish to protect. This website will then be monitored by SiteLock, which will provide a 360 Degree Scan of the website, looking for malware, or any harmful infection to the site. SiteLock includes:

    • Reputation monitoring
    • ​Malware blacklist
    • ​Spam blacklist
    • ​SSL verification
    • Network security
    • ​Drive-by-Downloads
    • ​Customer data protection (SQL & XSS)
    • Application security
    • ​Business verification
    • Domain ownership
    • ​Postal address
    • Phone verification
  • How does the SiteLock virus scan work?

    To discuss the benefits of SiteLock for your website, you can reach a Domain Consultant at 425-974-4689

    ​The virus scanner works by pulling the files from your daily scans and comparing them to an industry-leading database of virus signatures to determine if there is any match between your site and known malicious code. For most sites, this process completes within 30 days.

    If SiteLock finds a vulnerability, it will inform the site owner by email as well an alert in the SiteLock Dashboard. The report will provide complete information about the issue that is found along with help to remove it.

    Site visitors will not be alerted to any problem. The SiteLock seal will simply continue to display the date of the last good scan of the website. If the site owner fails to rectify the problem, within a few days SiteLock will remove the seal from the site and replace it with a single pixel transparent image. At no point will SiteLock display any indication to visitors that a website has failed a scan.

  • Can SiteLock be upgraded or downgraded?

    ​SiteLock subscriptions come in three levels: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. Once purchased, a SiteLock subscription cannot be changed from the initial level of service. While the Upgrade links inside the SiteLock control panel may direct you to contact us for upgrades, the level of service is actually locked-in and cannot be changed.