Domains using our nameservers ( for DNS Hosting, URL Redirection, or Email Forwarding may be difficult to track due to the nature of a redirection service. Using the tools below, you can find the true location of a spammed web site or the destination of an email address using our email forwarding service. Use this information to help direct your complaint to the appropriate provider.

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We have a zero tolerance spam policy. We monitor the use of our system and services to ensure they are not used for the purpose of sending out unsolicited email. Please use this submission form to enter any issues regarding spam and the use of our services. Your message will be evaluated for merit and acted on where appropriate, and therefore, we reserve the right to use your notice to substantiate the abuse to the client. We have also taken measures to prevent the abuse of our registration engine, web hosting, and DNS services at a transactions point of origin in an effort to contribute our part to the elimination of spam. Please note that due to the volume of complaints received, unless we need additional information, you will not receive a reply or update from us. Please be assured that we take abuse very seriously and investigate every incident that is reported.

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