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Organization: Netinvest Ltd
Address: Slivnitsa 8

Sliven, Sliven  8800, Bulgaria
Certificate Status: VALID 2/25/2017 5:39:37 AM

This section of will help you find out more about eNom Certification and what it means to you. Purchasing and managing a domain name is critical to business today. eNom Certification helps customers know that their domain names are being procured on the industry’s leading platform for purchasing and managing domain names.

What eNom Reseller Certification mean to you?

  • Your domain name is being purchased with industry leading technology
  • Your domain name is being purchased under the eNom ICANN credential
  • Your domain name provider has maintained certain standards of quality and performance

Your domain name is safe, secure and stable

Domain names are absolutely critical in today’s world. If your domain name is lost, stolen or mishandled, your business suffers. Therefore, many clients want to make sure they are buying domain names from a registrar that is safe, secure and stable. Clients of certified resellers can trust that such critically important intellectual property will be hosted on the most robust platform in the industry.

What makes the eNom Certified Reseller Program Different?

Today almost any company can sign up and start selling domain names. Subsequently, there are literally hundreds of ICANN accredited registrars throughout the world. Many of these companies are more focused on flashy marketing gimmicks then on providing high quality technical services and stable domain name management services. Therefore, eNom has introduced the eNom Certified Reseller Program. This program helps identify resellers who have met a high standard of quality and excellence. Additionally, the program helps distinguish high quality resellers from their competitors who may not be using the best domain name platform technologies available.

Why eNom Certified Resellers are better

Every eNom Certified Reseller is required to meet certain benchmarks in order to qualify for Certified status. These benchmarks include certain technological, volume, service, and quality levels must be maintained. Part of this process of certification requires that resellers utilize the eNom API and infrastructure to ‘resell’ domain names to clients. eNom has been perfecting its framework since 1997. As an engineering company, eNom is committed to constantly improving and developing its infrastructure for resellers. Clients of our Certified Resellers can be assured that their domain names will be served by eNom’s technology. This is why doing business with an eNom Certified Reseller is better.

Look for the eNom Certified Reseller Seal when buying any domain name

If you do not see the eNom Certified Reseller Seal on your domain name provider, then you should make sure you trust this company. A lot rides on domain names these days. The eNom Certification is just one more way to help you ensure that your domain names will be safe.