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Managing Contacts in Webmail

Article Number: KB 1664

Product: Email

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How do I manage contacts in Webmail?


To add a Sender to your Contacts (address book):

  1. Click on the sender's email address or name in any email folder (Inbox, Sent Mail, etc.) to open the message.
  2. Click the on the Sender's email address in the header. From the menu, select Save Address. The email address will be added to your contact list.
  3. To edit the contact, under the Mail drop-down menu, click Contacts, and then click My Contacts.
  4. Click the Edit icon (looks like a pencil) to edit the additional information.
  5. Enter in the sender's first and last names into the appropriate text boxes if necessary.
  6. Click Save (looks like a check mark). A message will appear confirming that the selected contact(s) have been added. Click OK.

To add a new contact:

  1. Click Add Contact.
  2. Fill out all appropriate fields under the Personal Information and the Company Information tabs.
  3. Click Save (looks like a check mark).

To edit a contact:

  1. In your address book, click on the link with the contact's name.
  2. The contact's information form will appear where you can make changes.
  3. Click the Update Information button to save the new information.

To create a group:

  1. In your address book, click Create Group.
  2. In the form that appears, type a name for this group. You may also enter the following optional information about the group:
    1. Detailed description of the group
    2. Group contact information (Address, City, State, Zip and Telephone)
  3. Click Go to Step 2. A list of contacts will appear. Click the check boxes beside the names you wish to include in your new group.
  4. Click Create Group. A confirmation page will appear with a list of the group members displayed in a text box.
  5. Click Finished. You'll be returned to your Contacts list, and the new Group will appear as a single contact.

To send an email to the group, select the group, and then click Send Mail.

To Import/Export your contacts:

  1. In your address book, click Import/Export Contacts in the drop down menu next to Add Contact.
  2. Click Export to and select the application to which to will export your contacts. A dialog box will open, prompting you to save a file to your hard drive. Save the file to a location on your computer's hard drive where you can find it easily (the desktop is a good temporary location).
  3. Use the Import function in your other application to import the file you saved into the application.

To Import Contacts to your Contacts:

  1. In your address book, click Import/Export Contacts in the drop down menu next to Add Contact.
  2. Select your contacts to CSV or vCard radio buttons.
  3. Click Browse, and select the saved file on your hard drive, and then click Open.
  4. Click Import Address Book.

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Last Updated: January, 2016


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