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How to Create Signatures in Webmail

Article Number: KB 1661

Product: Email

Audience:eNom Reseller, eNom Central, Bulk Register


How do I create a custom signature in Webmail?


To create a signature:

  1. Under the Options menu on the Personal Preferences page, click Signature.
  2. Click Create Signature.
  3. Type the signature in the format you want and give it a name.
  4. Click Save.

NOTE: Using the Rich Text Editor, you can also add colors, change typefaces, and even add graphics from the collection found under the smiley face on the Rich Text panel.

To insert your signature:

  • When composing a message, click the Insert Signature icon (Looks like business card icon).

    If you have not created a custom signature, your name will appear at the bottom of your email message. If you have created a custom signature, it will appear at the bottom of your email message.

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Last Updated: January, 2016


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