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What is .HTACCESS?

Article Number: KB 1638

Product: Website Hosting Account

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What is .HTACCESS?


Because the Linux hosting account does not use PHP.INI at the domain name level, certain settings that would normally managed through PHP.INI can be done through a .HTACCESS file.

The .HTACCESS file allows you to designate custom Index files for your website.

You can create, and upload .HTACCESS files to the root folder of your website, or any subfolder depending on where you want to apply the settings defined by the .HTACCESS file.

NOTE: eNom Support cannot assist in the creation or scripting of a .HTACCESS file. However, you can refer the following Article for information on setting the default index file:

Set Default Index Documents with .htaccess

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Last Updated: January, 2016


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