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What are Renew-Only Domains?

Article Number: KB 1616

Product: Domain Management

Audience:eNom Reseller, eNom Central, Bulk Register


What are auto-renew only domains? And what are ʺDelete byʺ or ʺAuto-renew beforeʺ dates?


Certain domain names are Auto Renew only. These Auto-Renew only domains cannot be manually renewed.

The Auto-Renew setting on the domain name must be enabled prior to the Auto-Renew By date. If the Auto-Renew setting is disabled on the Auto-Renew Deadline, then the registrant will lose the domain name, despite how much time remains on the registration. It is recommended that Auto-Renew be left on for these domain names unless the Registrant chooses to discontinue renewing the domain. The following domain names are Auto-Renew Only:

TLD Renew By (Days before expiry)
jp 10
at 4
ac 3
be 3
ch 10
com.pl 3
fr 10
info.pl 3
io 3
li 10
net.pl 3
nl 3
org.pl 3
pl 3
sh 3
tk 3
de 1
it 11
jobs -42
es 11
tm -42
com.au 10
com.pe 10
com.sg 10
net.au 10
net.pe 10
nom.pe 10
org.au 10
org.pe 10
sg 10

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Last Updated: December, 2015


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