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How to Set Prices for Sub-Accounts

Article Number: KB 1471

Product: Reseller Support

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How do I set prices for my sub-accounts? Are there minimum price points for domains and services?


Sub-Retail accounts follow the Default Retail Pricing unless modified individually. The Default Retail Pricing can be modified.

Sub-Reseller accounts have to be modified individually. There is no adjustable default pricing.

How to Set Pricing for Sub-Accounts

To modify the Default Retail Pricing for sub-retail accounts:

  1. Click Settings at the top-left.
  2. Click TLD Pricing or Product Pricing tab.

To modify the pricing on an individual account:

  1. In the Resellers menu, click Sub-Accounts
  2. Click on account name
  3. Click TLD Pricing or Product Pricing tab.

To modify multiple accounts and/or set the Default Retail Pricing, use the Pricing Editor:

  1. In the Resellers menu, click Sub-Accounts.
  2. Click the Pricing Editor tab.

The Pricing Editor is also useful as an alternate way to change prices if you encounter errors using the standard method.

You can also use the API to set sub-account pricing. Please see the API Command Catalog for full documentation (Resellers menu > API > Documentation).

To modify pricing for yearly increments, please select either TLDs (1 Year) | TLDs (2 Years) | TLDs (5 Years) | TLDs (10 Years)

Pricing Limits

Sub-retail account prices must be set according to the below formula:

P >= (C + 0.95) / 0.97


  • P is equal to the sub-retail price.
  • C is equal to your cost.

The right side of the inequality is rounded to the nearest cent.

As an example, let's say the .com registration price on a reseller account is $11.50. This means that the corresponding price for a sub-retail account under this reseller must be greater than or equal to $12.84.

Prices for the parent reseller account cannot be set higher than those of sub-accounts, or contrary to the above formula.

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Last Updated: October, 2015


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