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Failed Account Validation - My Account is LOCKED

Article Number: KB 1374

Product: Account Validation


I failed the Account Validation process and it is now disabled. How can I get the Account Lock questions reset and my account enabled?


One of the account validation steps received incorrect information and the account was locked to prevent unauthorized access.


As you have opted in to the Account Validation security program, your account was locked after the security questions were answered incorrectly on multiple attempts. At this point, we may need additional documentation to verify your account.

For your protection, you won't want to email the information, but instead follow the below steps, which will send your request to Technical Support, who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Please submit us a ticket through our Support Center with the following attributes:

  • Subject: "Disable Account Validation"
  • Question: [Include your login ID]
  • Category: "Account Validation: Locked Out."
  • Attach Documents:
    • If there is a person's name on the account, attach an uncropped color copy of government-issued photo ID that matches the name on the account. This can be a passport, country ID card, or driver's license, for example.
    • If there is only a business name on the account, attach a copy of the Business License or Articles of Incorporation, along with a color copy of government-issued photo ID that matches a director or principal listed on that document.

We thank you for your extra efforts to validate your account.

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Last Updated: August, 2015

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