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Sub-Reseller versus Sub-Retail - Parent Access Restrictions

Article Number: KB 1184

Product: Reseller Support

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What functions are available to me as a reseller for my sub accounts? Can I make changes to their domains?


Parent resellers have unlimited access to data and functionality of their retail sub-accounts. They have to manage most of their clients directly, thus they have access.

Parent resellers have very limited access to their reseller sub-accounts. "Reseller" status implies they are running a business and they are protected. Parent accounts can view domains, reports and tickets, but are basically locked out of all other functions.

Details and Examples:

Parent reseller accounts have the authority to access sub-retail accounts to do the following:

  • View and change My Info page
  • View and change domain settings
  • View product pricing
  • Add to cart and purchase/renew domains, create transfer orders, purchase value-added services.
  • Push domains out of the account
  • View Support Center tickets
  • View reports

Parent reseller accounts have the authority to access sub-reseller accounts to do the following:

  • View domain listings
  • View Support Center tickets
  • View reports

NOTE: For sub-reseller accounts, you cannot view the My Info page, view product pricing, submit transfers, checkout/submit orders, push domains, or make any changes to domain settings. Attempting to do so will result in the below error message:

The page you are trying to access is only available to the original LoginID.

More Information

For further details on sub-accounts, please see the article, Difference Between Sub-Retail and Sub-Reseller Accounts.

Last Updated: November, 2015


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