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Gaining Access to an Account When the Owner has Passed Away

Article Number: KB 1158

Product: Other Website Issues


How do we get the login and password on an account when the owner is deceased?


In order to protect the legal owner of an account and all domains managed by that company or person, the following documents are required in order to provide login and password information to the executor of the estate.

  1. A copy of the death certificate that matches the name on the account
  2. A copy of the section of the will that states the administrator or executor's full legal name
  3. Government issued COLOR photo ID of the administrator/executor or person with Power of Attorney
  4. Copy of Power of Attorney (if applicable).

The administrator of the estate needs to Submit a Ticket as a guest through the "Contact Us" form on the website. Please include the login name (if known) on the account, and a domain name in the account if possible. Any other account information to identify the proper account is requested. Please provide your contact email address and phone number as well.

Upon receipt and verification of this documentation, login and password information will be emailed to you. You will then have access to make account updates and domain management changes. We are unable to make these updates for you, for accuracy and historical tracking purposes.

Contact Us: http://www.enom.com/contact.aspx

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Last Updated: September, 2015


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