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Features of Linux Web Hosting

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Product: Website Hosting

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What are some of the different features on your Linux web hosting accounts?


eNom's Linux-based hosting offers:

  • Java Servlets (JSP via Tomcat engine)
  • Apache ASP
  • Python
  • PHP5
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Ability to use .htaccess file to modify non-core PHP settings and other miscellaneous settings
  • One FTP account per domain name
  • Multiple MySQL users per database (with custom passwords for each)
  • Automatic Web Site Hacker prevention tools (with daily rule updates)
  • Automatically stops spam posts to your forums, guestbook, etc.
  • Automatically stops SQL/MySQL injection attacks
  • Automatically blocks known spyware/malware attacks
  • Automatically blocks attacks on thousands of known vulnerable applications (e.g., phpBB, SMF forums, Joomla, etc.)

Also please note that PHP4 has been EOL'ed (end of lifed) as of 2007-12-31 and no further updates will be done on PHP4. All customers are advised to use PHP5 where they have a choice, and on Linux it is the only version available.

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Last Updated: November, 2015


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