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Tips for Improving Email Forwarding Performance

Article Number: KB 1122

Product: Email


I use email forwarding with you, and my forwarded emails are not coming through or are having problems. What can I do?


Here are some quick tips you can use to ensure better email performance when forwarding email:

  • Whitelist your domain name at the destination email address

    Whitelist all email coming from the domain name-services.com, which is the domain our forwarding servers use. If your forwarding destination address is Gmail, for example, you would whitelist "name-services.com" from within the Gmail interface.

  • Add spammers to your blacklist in your webmail settings (only if using forwarding through POP3 email with us)

    Adding spammers to your blacklist will ensure that less spam is received, which benefits everyone.

  • Do not use the "mark as spam" button at your destination email account

    Since the spam may have been forwarded to your destination account by our email forwarding servers, marking them as spam can impact our services negatively with respect to third-party spam filtering services. It helps everyone if you filter your spam mail through our services, as outlined above, or just delete spam that you receive at your destination email address.

  • Mark incorrectly tagged (as spam) email forwarded by us to be "not spam"

    Doing so helps third-party spam filtering service providers to view our email servers more positively.

In addition to this, we are always proactively improving our email forwarding services. These are just some tips that you can do to help improve email service for you and everyone else.

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Last Updated: October, 2015


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