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How to Add or Change an IP for Access to the eNom API

Article Number: KB 1073

Product: API


How do I add my IP for access to your API?


In order to use eNom's API (Application Programming Interface), you must have your IP address authenticated for use. If you are sending API commands from an IP that is not added to our system for use, you will receive an "Invalid Client IP" error.

Add or Change an IP for Test Environment

Please see the article How do I create a Reseller test account?.

Add or Change an IP for Live Environment

Please use the Submit a Ticket feature from this Support Center tool.

Enter the following information:

  • Subject: "Add IP" or "Change IP."
  • Question: Type the IP address(es) you wish to add or change.

You will receive a confirmation email with the ticket number.

We will reply back via the ticket when we have processed your request, or if we need any further information.

NOTE: Many third-party API software applications use eNom's test environment by default. If you receive the error, "Invalid Client IP", please contact your third-party software vendor to find out whether you are operating in the test environment or the live environment and add your IP address as appropriate.

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Last Updated: August, 2015


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