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My Name is not on the Whois Information but I Paid for it. How do I Gain Access?

Article Number: KB 1007

Product: Domain Disputes


eNom, Inc. is the sponsoring registrar for my domain name, but the domain name is not in my eNom account and the whois information does not list me as the registrant or administrative contact. I paid someone to register my name and setup my website. What can I do to get my domain name back?


When you find yourself in this situation, we recommend that you attempt to contact the listed registrant or administrative contact found in the whois information for your domain. Explain your circumstances to them, and see if you can work it out to have them update the domain with your information.

You can find this information at the following URL: http://www.enom.com/domains/whois.asp

More Information

Sometimes registrants will have ID Protect on their domains, a whois masking service. If they do, you can email the listed email address, and it will forward to their true email address.

Please note that domain registrants are not obligated to reply to any inquiries they receive about their domain name. You may have sent multiple emails to the registered owner, but they may not reply, especially if they are not interested in selling the domain or making changes to the registrant records. While this may be frustrating, they are listed as the legal owner of the domain and only they can make changes to the domain for you.

While we wish we could help in these situations, eNom cannot act as an arbitrator to decide who does, or does not have rights to a domain name. We may only assist the account holder, or the listed registrant or administrative contacts on the domain name. If this is not you, you will need to contact that person to gain access to the domain; otherwise you may have to seek advice from any legal channels available to you about how to proceed. We do apologize for this inconvenience; however, legally we are unable to assist anyone but the registered owner.

While we cannot be arbitrators, if you are able to provide us with a court order demonstrating you have rights to this domain, our Legal department is more than happy to comply and will work directly with you to sort things out.

If your domain has expired, or is about to expire, you might consider placing the domain on backorder through www.NameJet.com. This auction service provides you an opportunity to indicate your interest on a domain should it become available after expiration or deletion.

Otherwise, you might also consider a different spelling or alternative extension, such as .biz or .info. You can search for available domains at: www.enom.com

Last Updated: August, 2015

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