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Error When Adding Email Forwarding Record

Article Number: KB 624

Product: Email

Audience:eNom Reseller, eNom Central, Bulk Register


When I try to add a forwarding record to my domain to forward to another domain on your system I am getting the following error message:

Failed to Add ____ record. Email cannot be forwarded to itself.

What should I do?


This usually means that the domain on the destination address also has email forwarding set up. Our systems do not allow forwarding to a domain which has forwarding set up.

Please follow the steps in the article, How to Set Up Email Forwarding, to navigate to the email forwarding settings for the destination domain, and ensure that all email forwarding records are deleted. You can then set up POP email on the domain (see How to Purchase POP Email), or point to custom MX records (see Add, View, or Edit MX Records).

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Last Updated: November, 2015


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