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FTP Logins for Linux Hosting

Article Number: KB 572

Product: Website Hosting Account


How do FTP logins work for Windows and Linux Hosting?


Each domain has its own FTP login and password, as well as file structure.

There is no universal FTP login and password that will allow you to upload content for all your domains at once.

Each FTP login must be unique. Domains cannot share FTP logins. The only exception to this is sub-domains, which can share the login for the main domain, or be set up to have their own FTP login and password (see Web Hosting: How to Create a Subdomain).

Each domain can have only one FTP login and password.

You can also set up a separate Plesk control panel login for each domain (see Web Hosting: Separate Login for Domains in Plesk Control Panel).

To reset an FTP login and/or password, please see the article, Web Hosting: Change FTP Username and Password for Linux Hosting.

For full instructions on uploading files to your hosting account, please see the article, Web Hosting: Upload Files to Web Hosting Account.

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Last Updated: October, 2015


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