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How to Set Up Domain Registration Software (WHMCS, HSphere, AWBS)

Article Number: KB 486

Product: API


How do I set up my domain name registration software (e.g., (WHMCS, HSphere, AWBS)? What information do I need?


NOTE: Please do not contact eNom concerning support for any of the 3rd party domain name registration software. Contact the software vendor.

This is the generic information needed by some software vendors.

  • Server

    The server of the registrar company - resellertest.enom.com for testing or reseller.enom.com for live service.

  • Port

    The port used for connecting to the registrar company's server 80 (http) or 443 (https).

  • Protocol

    The protocol required by Enom.com to connect to the server (http or https).

  • Path

    The path to the domain registration software: /interface.asp.

  • Login

    The login to the server: eNom login ID

  • Password

    The password to log into eNom.com's server: eNom password

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Last Updated: October, 2015


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