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How to Setup Email Forwarding on POP Mailboxes

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Can I set up email forwarding on my POP Email accounts?

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  • How to Set Up Email Forwarding Without a POP Email Bundle.

  • How to Set Up Email Forwarding With a POP Email Bundle.


Yes, you can use email forwarding on your POP email accounts. First, create the email accounts by following the instructions in the article, Create or Modify POP Email Accounts. Then, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your Webmail account.
  2. Click Settings Icon (looks like a gear) on the upper right.
  3. Under Mail Management, click Mail Preferences, and then click the Mail Forwarding link located on the right.
  4. In Forward Email To, enter the Email address to which you want to forward emails.
  5. Select your preference whether to keep a copy of the email in the Inbox.
  6. Click Save.

NOTE: If you have POP Email service on a domain, it is not possible to set up an email forwarding alias without a POP email box. When POP Email service is present, email forwarding can only be used by following the steps above.

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Last Updated: October, 2015


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