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Websites Remain Active During Transfer

Article Number: KB 242

Product: Transfers

Audience:eNom Reseller, eNom Central, Bulk Register


When I transfer my domain, will my site go down? Will the DNS change, do you delete the nameservers?


In most cases, if you have submitted a transfer request before the domain expires, and it has a "pending transfer" status, the domain will continue to be functional and will not expire, even if the transfer has not completed prior to the scheduled expiration date. There is typically a 5-7 day process once you have submitted your transfer for it to complete and be in your account with the new registrar. Please note that most TLDs will follow this rule, but please check for specific exceptions for ccTLDs.

Your nameservers will also not change when the domain is transferred.

Note for outgoing transfers: Our DNS services are provided at no cost while your domain is registered with eNom. If your domain is utilizing our DNS services, and is transferred away to another registrar, you would need to purchase DNS hosting to continue using our DNS. Your domain will not continue to resolve to our name servers once it has been transferred away from the eNom credential and marked as transferred away within our database.

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Last Updated: November, 2015


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