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Commission Account: Cash-out and Transfer Options

Article Number: KB 209

Product: Reseller Support

Audience:eNom Reseller


What is the difference between Commission Account Cash-out and Transfer from Commission on my transactions? Why is the cash-out still processing?


As a reseller with sub-account commissions, you have two options for your available commission:

  • Transfer to Account Balance
    • Transaction description is "Transfer from Commission."
    • Added to your Available Balance right away to be used for registrations and other purchases. It may take up to an hour for your Account Balance to also update.
  • Request USD Check by physical mail
    • Transaction description is "Commission Account Cash-out."
    • Minimum check amount is $25.00.
    • Requests received from the 6th of last month, to the 5th of the current month are included and mailed on the 15th of the current month.
      • For example, if your request was submitted on 2010-Sep-18, your check will be sent out on 2010-Oct-15.
      • For example, if your request was submitted on 2010-Oct-6, your check will be sent out on 2010-Nov-15.
    • You can submit as many requests as you like, but all requests submitted within a single time-frame, as outlined above, will be sent as one check.
    • Transactions will have a status of "processing" until the check is mailed on the 15th of the current month.
    • We run a separate accounting program that updates the website which in turn updates your account transaction register. The check will always be processed by our Accounting Department on the 15th of the month, however, there may be a delay in updating your transaction register to "successful" until the two programs finish running.

It is possible to have a negative Available Commission Balance. If you just transferred or cashed out your total available balance, you will have a zero balance. Should a new order come through, the transaction fees (see KB 260 Fees Associated with Sub-Accounts and Registry Rocket Sales) will make your Available Balance negative. As more transactions pass the 90-day hold time frame, this amount will then become a positive number.

More Information

To view commission transactions, please see Transaction History and other Reports .

Please also see KB 261 Posting and Availability Time Frames.

Last Updated: November, 2015


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