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Error: Country or IP is Blocked from Payment

Article Number: KB 208

Product: Accounting/Reports


When trying to refill my account or purchase domains, I'm getting an error that my country or IP is blocked. Why can't I use my credit card? I have been previously approved by eNom. How can I get my IP whitelisted?


There are two possible scenarios that can result in online payments being rejected on our system from certain regions of the world:

  • Our credit card processor is blocking the transactions on their system. This situation will manifest itself by displaying the error message, "Credit Card Declined." Please contact us to try to determine the exact reason the credit card is being declined. Depending on the reason, we may be unable to accept credit card payments for your account. If this is the case, please follow the instructions under Alternative Payment Options.
  • Our system is blocking your IP address. In the past, we have experienced large volumes of fraud concentrated in certain geographical regions in the world. As a result, we have had to block certain IP addresses from using our online payment system. This situation will manifest itself by displaying an error message stating that your country or IP is blocked. In this case, please either follow the instructions under Alternative Payment Options, or follow the instructions under Online Payment Exception Requests.


One possible solution is to use PayPal to refill your account balance. You can create a new PayPal account, or associate an existing one on our website by following these steps:

  1. Click on My Account at the top-left.
  2. Click Refill Account.
  3. Scroll down to the PayPal section.
  4. Click Configure.

Please note that PayPal may have its own restrictions, and this solution will not work by default under scenario 2 outlined above. If you are still receiving an error message that your country or IP is blocked, please choose another alternative payment option, or submit an online payment exception request.

Please see the following articles for full instructions on alternative payments:

  • Alternate Payment Instructions for Domain Services
  • Bank Wire Transfer, ACH, USD Check and Money Order Instructions
  • Online Payment Exception Requests

If our system is blocking your IP, our Risk Management Manager suggests doing the following to approve you and your account for online payments. Please submit a ticket to us with the following information. Where documents are referenced, please use a scanner or digital camera to create images and attach them to the ticket.

  1. Let us know your Login ID. Ensure that all contact information on your account is complete and accurate. To view and modify your contact information, please see the article, Changing account information.
  2. Include a legible copy of the front/back of the credit card you want to use, blocking out all but the first 6 and the last 4 of the credit card number, plus the first page of your credit card statement showing your name/address.
  3. Include a color copy of the account holder's photo identification, such as a passport, driver's license or other government-issued document. The document cannot be expired and must match the name on the credit card as well.
  4. Please provide a static IP, as we'll have to authorize you to access our site with that IP address.

Once all of that information is in our hands, we'll evaluate your information. Upon acceptance, we will email you, or reply to your support ticket, that your account is approved.

Depending on when we get your documentation and information, we'll do all we can to process and approve your account promptly, however, we cannot guarantee approval.

If you've already submitted this information to us in the past, but your IP address has changed, please submit a support ticket to us and let us know that you've previously been approved, and give us your new static IP address.

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Last Updated: September, 2015


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