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How do I Create a Reseller Test Account?

Article Number: KB 143

Product: API

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How do I create a Reseller test account? Will I have to pay for test registrations?


The test interface web server points to a development environment. It has most of the same functionality as the live environment, except that all transactions are executed and all data stored in a special testing environment. Please note that the test environment cannot connect to the Internet, so some functionality, such as registering name servers, may not work correctly.

Any domain that you register (through the web site or through the API) will be displayed on your domain name information screen. Although your account balance will be adjusted when you purchase a domain name, you will not be charged for these domains.

Note: All activity on this test web server has no effect on the live environment. Similarly, any domains or name servers registered in the live environment will not automatically be registered in the test environment.

To set up your test account, please do the following:

  1. Under the Resellers menu, click API, and then click Test Account.
  2. Click Setup your account on the testing server.
  3. Click Reset your account balance in the test environment to $5,000.
  4. If you're going to be using the API in the test environment, click Add/Edit/Delete IP addresses that are allowed to access your account on the test server.
  5. Enter the static IP address that you'll be running test API commands from.
  6. Save changes.

You may log in at http://resellertest.enom.com or run API commands using your test account. When running API commands, you'll want to preface the command with http://resellertest.enom.com. Please refer to the API command catalog for documentation on how to build API commands. It can be found by selecting the menu option Resellers > API > Documentation.

If you need to access the API in the live environment, please see the article, How to add or change an IP for access to our API.

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Last Updated: September, 2015


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