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Overview of Domain Folders and Magic Folders

Article Number: KB 127

Product: Domain Management

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What are domain folders and magic folders?


There are two types of domain folders: regular folders and Magic Folders. Both types allow you to organize and categorize your domain names (e.g., parked domains, domains for sale, etc.).

Magic Folders are special folders that allow you to globally apply settings to all the domains in a particular magic folder. Such settings include Registrar-Lock, DNS servers, and Contact Information.

When you place domains into a magic folder, the folder synchronizes the domains to match the settings you defined for the magic folder.

Example application:

You want to point certain domains to a domain parking service. You can create a magic folder with specific host records. When a domain gets moved to the magic folder, the host records will automatically update according to the attributes of the folder.

More Information

For information on domain folders, please see the following articles:

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Last Updated: October, 2015


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