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Reissue, Cancel, or Change the Domain on a Cert Already Issued

Article Number: KB 107

Product: SSL Certs

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I had my SSL certificate issued for example.com instead of www.example.com. Can you change it or reissue a new one?


Change a Certificate

Once a certificate is issued, you can't change the domain unless the issuer supports that option. Typically you must cancel and purchase a new certificate with the correct domain.

Reissue a Certificate

Sometimes a certificate can be reissued by the certificate issuer. For Geotrust, RapidSSL and VeriSign certificates, please visit this site:


Enter the fully-qualified domain name and the administrative email address in the fields. If the certificate is eligible to be reissued, this tool will allow you to enroll. When the online enrollment has been completed, an email will be sent to the approval email address. Follow the instructions in the email to have the certificate reissued.

For COMODO certificates, just submit a eNom Support Center ticket with your new CSR and we will work with COMODO.

Cancel a Certificate

If the certificate cannot be reissued by the certificate issuer, you may have to cancel it and purchase a new one. To cancel a certificate, please instruct the customer to visit the knowledge base and self-service links for the appropriate certificate issuer:

Symantec: https://products.verisign.com/orders/orderinformation/authentication.do

GeoTrust and RapidSSL: https://products.geotrust.com/orders/orderinformation/authentication.do

SBS: Submit a ticket to us through the eNom support center.

COMODO: Submit a ticket to us through the eNom support center.

NOTE: At no extra charge, all SBS certificates support both the www.example.com as well as example.com. Wildcard certificates are also valid for all subdomains.

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Last Updated: August, 2015


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