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How to Install a Certificate

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Product: Value Added Services

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How do I install an SSL certificate that I purchased on your site?


Configure the Certificate

  1. In your account, under Security click SSL Certificates and then click Manage.
  2. Click the link for the type of certificate.
  3. Under Web Server Information, select one of the following:

    Our Hosting - Select this option if you're installing the certificate in your Linux Hosting with us. You'll then want to select your hosting account from the drop-down list. If you don't have a hosting account yet, please see the article, How to Purchase Web Hosting.

    Outside Hosting - Select this option if you're installing the certificate on outside hosting. With this option you'll need to generate a CSR (see SSL: How to Create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request)).

  4. Under Contact Information, fill in the Administrative, Auxiliary Billing and Technical contacts.
  5. Click Submit Certificate Details.
  6. Select an Approval Email Address on the next screen.

Please note that when you configure an SSL certificate, the certificate issuer will attempt to retrieve the current whois. If you are encountering problems, and have whois privacy enabled, you may have to temporarily disable it to configure the certificate (for domains registered with us, please see Enable/Disable ID Protect for a Domain).

NOTE: Both Symantec Pro SSL Certificates (Secure Site Pro and Secure Site Pro with EV) have support fo ECC options.

Approve the Certificate

The certificate provider will contact you via the Approval Email Address to approve the certificate. After a reasonable period of time, if you don't receive the approval email (and you have checked your spam folders), please follow the instructions in the article, SSL: Resending Certificate Approval Emails. Please note that the certificate provider may require additional means of verification besides a simple response to the approval email (e.g., Extended Validation certificates).

Install the Certificate

The status "Certificate Issued" should now appear next to the certificate. If you're installing the certificate in a Linux hosting account that you have with us, please see the article, Web Hosting: Installing an SSL Certificate on Our Hosting Services, for further instructions.

If you're installing the certificate on outside hosting, the instructions for installing it vary depending on the certificate and server type. Please follow the link that corresponds to the certificate in question. Please note that depending on the certificate, you may also have to install an intermediate certificate (see SSL: Intermediate CA Certificates / CA Chain / CA Bundles).

More Information

For more information, please search the appropriate knowledge base from links below:

Last Updated: September, 2015


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