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How to Dispute a Fraudulent Transfer

Article Number: KB 70

Product: Transfers

Audience:eNom Reseller, eNom Central, Bulk Register


How do I dispute a transfer that I did not initiate?


If your domain name has been fraudulently transferred from one registrar to another without your approval, you should contact the previous registrar and they will work with the new registrar and any other necessary organizations in order to retrieve your name.

If your name was originally with eNom and was transferred to another registrar without the registrant's approval, please submit a ticket through this Support Center with the following attributes:

  • Subject: "Transfer Dispute"
  • Question: [include the domain name(s) and any other pertinent information]
  • Category: Transfer Disputes

The ticket will be assigned to our Compliance Manager who will start an investigation for you. You will hear back from our Compliance team via the ticket.

You can find additional information regarding ICANN's Transfer Dispute Policy at ICANN.

If you do not have a direct eNom account, please contact your reseller. If you do not know the name of your reseller, please follow the instructions in the article, Who is my reseller?.

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Last Updated: November, 2015


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