DNS Hosting

Ensure your website is always on


What you get with DNS Hosting

  • Your site loads faster
  • Superior protection from hackers
  • Improved website uptime
$5.00/YR(Resellers, please sign in to view your price)


DNS Hosting

How it works

Domain Name Servers (DNS) hosting “gives directions” to computers and mobile devices to make sure that your audience can actually get to your website and avoid "page not found" errors.

Enom’s DNS hosting service ensures your website opens quickly and reliably for your users. We can offer DNS hosting on any domain you own, whether or not you’ve registered it through Enom or another registrar.


DNS Hosting FAQs

  • What name servers do I point to for Enom DNS Hosting?

    At the registrar where your domain name is registered, point the domain’s name servers to:






  • How do I use DNS Hosting with my domain?

    To purchase DNS hosting, log into your Enom account and click on "Hosting" in the top menu bar. Click "DNS Hosting" from the menu, and on the following page, click "Get Started" button to add the service to your cart. Type in the domain names you wish to add, and click "Continue." Click "Check Out Now," agree to the terms, and then click "Purchase Items."

    Log in to your account at the registrar where you’ve registered the domain. Point the domain to our name servers (dns1.name-services.com through dns5.name-services.com). Each registrar is different, so contact their respective support teams for more guidance.

    After 24-48 hours, DNS propagation will be complete and you may purchase and set up any Enom services that require our DNS.

  • What TLDs can DNS Hosting be used with?

    All TLDs can be used with DNS Hosting, including TLDs we do not currently support with other products.

  • What products do I have access to with DNS Hosting?

    All of our products are available for domains using our DNS hosting except ID Protect and Business Listing. These products are only available for domains registered through Enom directly.

  • Can I still transfer my domains if I have signed up for DNS Hosting?

    Yes, you can transfer almost any domain name to us (except the few TLDs that we do not support).