Unlimited, flexible, scalable cloud storage


DreamObjects Free Trial

DreamObjects is a highly scalable, resilient, and cost-effective cloud storage service with virtually limitless capacity to meet your needs. 

      • Application storage
      • Site backup
      • Content storage
      • Disaster recovery
      • Persistent personal backup of photos and videos

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* The DreamObjects free trial is limited to 30 days and commences on your sign-up date. You may cancel the trial at any time before it concludes, at which point your data will be deleted within 48 hours.


Save more with pre-paid plans

You can upgrade to any of DreamObejects money saving pre-paid plans at any time. Just visit the DreamObjects tab in your control panel to learn more. For more details about the pre-paid plans available visit our partner DreamHost.

What's included:

  • Powered by Open Source
  • S3 + Swift compatible fully
  • Scalable storage
  • Reliable redundant servers
  • Free uploads and API requests
  • 24/7 chat and email support

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Store files in cloud

Store all your files 

Easily save a copy of your photos, movies, music, email, and other important files in the cloud for safe keeping.


Storage that scales

Readily expands to meet your requirements without having to configure or provision extra storage capacity.


Web app development

Quickly setup and manage DreamObjects via a restful API that is compatible with Amazon S3 and Swift.

Instant backups

Instant backups

Instantly replicates and distributes your data across DreamHost’s data center ensuring further backup security.


DreamObjects FAQs

  • What happens at the end of DreamObjects free trial?

    DreamObjects provides 100GB of storage and outbound bandwidth free for 30 days. Usage exceeding such trial limits will be charged at usage-based billing rates described below.Once the trial expires, you’ll be automatically converted to Usage-Based Billing unless you specify a prepaid monthly storage plan.

    You can visualize your storage and bandwidth consumption history on DreamHost Control Panel and make your decisions at the end of the trial period.

  • How is my monthly data storage calculated?

    Your total data usage is monitored regularly and stored in the system as bytes. DreamHost uses the maximum bytes stored during the billing period, converts that to GB and then multiplied by the appropriate rate.

  • How is my monthly download bandwidth calculated?

    Download bandwidth is calculated based on metered data transferred out of DreamObjects. Similar to storage, download bandwidth is stored in bytes. The aggregate number of bytes downloaded is converted to GB and then multiplied by the download rate of 5¢ per GB.

    There is no charge for uploading data into DreamObjects.

    You can check on your usage directly inside the DreamHost Panel on the Panel > Cloud Services > DreamObjects > Usage Tab page.