How to request help from Technical Support

If you have an account directly with eNom or BulkRegister:

Log into your account at the appropriate site, for example:, or

After you log into your account,
a) To obtain your 7-digit access code for telephone support, look under the MY INFO page, or
b)  Click HELP in the upper right corner of the website for online support.

From there, click Support Center and then click the tab to Submit a Ticket to Technical Support.

If you purchased your domain through one of our resellers or don’t know where you registered your name:

Please go to our website and click on the HELP link from the top right of the page:

On the left side is a box where you can enter your domain name and your reseller information will be returned to you. Please contact them directly for domain assistance.

If you forgot your user name and password, or have any other questions

Please submit an online request using our Contact Form.

Our Technical Support staff are available online to answer your tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Questions? Call sales at
1 (425) 274-4500
Or try our
Visit our Help Center where you can get simple and quick product support.
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