POP3 email configuration for Outlook Express on Macintosh:


These directions should work for most recent Microsoft Outlook Express versions, running on MacOS 8.0 and above.

Actions to take:

  1. Launch Outlook Express
  2. Under "Tools" select "accounts"
  3. Click new for a new account.
  4. Input these settings:
  5. Display Name: The name you would like displayed (i.e. John Doe or ACME Sales)
  6. Email address: Alias-you-chose@your-domain-name.com (i.e. john@thedoes.com or sales@acme.com)
  7. Incoming email server type: POP (not IMAP)
  8. Incoming mail (POP) server: pop.your-domain-name.com (i.e. pop.thedoes.com or pop.acme.com)
  9. Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: smtp.your-domain-name.com (i.e. smtp.thedoes.com or smtp.acme.com)
  10. Account ID: Your full email address: alias-you-chose@your-domain-name.com (i.e. john@thedoes.com or sales@acme.com)
  11. Password: password-you-chose (case sensitive)
  12. Account Name: Enter what you would like to identify this account (i.e. thedoes.com email or acme.com email)
  13. Click "Click here for advanced settings options". Check SMTP server requires authentication. Make sure "Use same settings as incoming mail server" is turned on.
  14. Click "Finish".