POP3 email configuration for Netscape on Macintosh


These directions should work for most recent Netscape versions, running on MacOS 8.0 and above.

Actions to take:

  1. Launch Netscape
  2. Under "Edit" select "Preferences"
  3. Under "Mail & Newsgroups" select "Identity". Input these settings:
  4. Your Name: Your display name (i.e. John Doe or ACME Sales)
  5. Email Address: Alias-you-chose@your-domain-name.com (i.e. john@thedoes.com or sales@acme.com)
  6. Under "Mail Servers" input these settings:
  7. Click "edit" incoming mail server (or add if none are present).
  8. Incoming email server type: POP (not IMAP)
  9. Incoming server name: pop.your-domain-name.com (i.e. pop.thedoes.com or pop.acme.com)
  10. User Name: alias-you-chose@your-domain-name.com (i.e. john@thedoes.com or sales@acme.com)
  11. Press OK.
  12. Outgoing mail server: smtp.your-domain-name.com (i.e. smtp.thedoes.com or smtp.acme.com)
  13. Netscape 6.x users: Click Outgoing server settings menu item and check "Use name and password" box
  14. Outgoing mail server user name: Alias-you-chose@your-domain-name.com (i.e. john@thedoes.com or sales@acme.com)
  15. Click "OK". Restart Netscape.