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To use .NET:
  • If using Visual Studio .NET, you can publish directly to your site using your URL (i.e. http://your-webserver.ehost-services.com/yourusername) and selecting "FrontPage Extensions" as the publishing method.
  • Verify the following settings in your web.config file:
    <customErrors mode="Off" /> - Allows you to see your errors
    <authentication mode="Windows" /> - Remove this line
    <sessionState /> - Remove this line
  • Global.asax goes in your root web directory.
  • Your assemblies go in your /Bin directory (VS .NET will create this directory for you.)
  • You can use ASP 3.0 and ASP.NET in the same account (Note: They will not share session data).

For more information about Microsoft's .NET technology, including tutorials and sample code, visit Microsoft's site at ASP.NET.

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